UPDATE: Stardate; 20130701..............We have been back in Portland, OR a little over a year and working to build a fan base after a 20 year absence and having a great time!John and Mary formed the band, MJ12, in September of 2006. They started writing and performing together in 1995. .. Between Marys' writing and deep, jazzy, rock sound and Johns' creative, music writing, they have created many songs together and more in the works. Making a recent move to Grand Junction, Colorado, they have met and teamed up with Joel Young. .. John is an accomplished, self-taught, lead guitar player from Portland, Oregon. John started playing guitar at 15. He has created his own electrifying sound. A dedicated fan of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, John prefers hard rock, metal and blues. .. Mary was raised in Los Angeles in a show business family. Her father, Ed Hennessy, was a renowned singer, actor, comic, writer, director, and story teller from the east coast. Marys' Dad encouraged and inspired her to sing and perform with him, at the tender age of six. She became a professional dancer, for a time, but didn't consider song writing, singing and playing rhythm guitar, professionally, until meeting John in 1994. .. Joel is a talented musician. His first passion is drumming, but he also enjoys guitar. Raised in Los Angeles, Joel comes from a family of musicians. The youngest of four, he grew up in a household of hard rock and was exposed to many aspiring, rock stars. Occasional visits, by the local police, turned out to be a motivational force for Joel and his siblings to strive for the ultimate rock band. Stunning audiences with his mind- blowing fills, he is the heartbeat of MJ12. Playing in many bands, Joel's' drumming career peaked with the successful, local tour of his band, Gandalf, which included his brother, Steve Young, and guitar player, Roy Romirez. For Joel, MJ12 is his journey out of this worldUPDATE: Mary & John returned to the Portland, OR area in 2012 and continuing on. They are extremely happy living in the Great NW and currently reforming the band with new members.
Abduction(By Them?)
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