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Adam Roose
Bixby Knolls, CA

"We can strictly be artists because with TuneGO
we know that we're taken care of..."

Jacob Saylor
Studio City, CA

"TuneGO will forever change how
independent artists get discovered."

Brooke Toia
Brisbane, Australia

"Having access to the TuneGO Radio Network
is an incredible opportunity."

So what is TuneGO?

It's the platform created by the career development professionals who have worked with the largest names in music.

Do you want to work with the world's largest music producers?

Do you want to play exclusive Live Events?

Do you want a recording contract?

Are you looking for more fans?

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TuneGO Music Producers

Over $5 billion in retail music sales

Over 50 #1 Billboard singles

Over 100 Top 40 Billboard singles

Over 300 Top 100 Billboard singles

Over 350 million albums sold

Countless Grammy, Clio, Tony and other coveted industry rewards.

Are you next?

Meet the TuneGO Music Producers

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Music Reviews

  • Guaranteed music reviews
  • Genuine feedback from top A&R
  • Connect with producers

TuneGO Radio

  • Get your music on the radio
  • Broadcast to millions of listeners
  • Massive fan exposure

Live Events

  • Live event performances
  • World-class venues
  • Prestigious judging panels


  • Earn licensing royalties
  • Increase industry exposure
  • TV, film, video games and more...


  • Sell your music on DSPs
  • Keep 100% of your sales revenue
  • You keep all your rights


  • Learn from the industry pros
  • Videos, tutorials, blogs, and more
  • Provided by industry experts

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  • Connect with unlimited music fans
  • Unlimited messaging and chat
  • Unlimited Email Marketing


  • Publish to your social sites
  • Viral marketing tools
  • Manage your social sites and blogs


  • Access from any device
  • Mobile fan marketing
  • TuneGO is cool on tablets too


  • Track listener habits
  • Measure fan engagement
  • Monitor social activity


  • Comprehensive artist resources
  • Videos from industry leaders
  • Learn from the best


  • World class support
  • Email and Live Chat
  • Ask us about anything

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